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Rich man poor man

I heard a celebrity say the other day that if you are poor you are invisible. That may be true in the world but not in The Father’s kingdom. To Him, you are perfectly visible and extremely valuable (Mt. 10:31). But the real issue goes back to the values of this world and what we believe about those values. The world teaches us (and especially in the United States) that value comes from what you have, what you earn, one’s position in a hierarchal structure. Out of the overflow of a Christian’s heart comes their beliefs. What has the world taught and what have we believed? The world barges in and takes over one’s life at a very early age. It tells us what to value and consequently how we are to live our lives based upon those learned values.

But the scripture forces us, as Christians, to confront these beliefs. In God’s kingdom we should pray for the rich, not envy or attempt to take their wealth. Why? Because wealth tends to inoculate people from reality. The rich can live behind a purchased lifestyle and basically say to God; I don’t need you because I have everything right here. Not an enviable position to be in, hence we need to pray for the wealthy that they can open their eyes and see what is really true.

On the other hand being poor and “invisible” presents other issues altogether. If a poor person looks around and sees everyone getting their share but they remain poor, their heart can easily become embittered, frustrated and full of anger as they feel they have been overlooked. We must continue to pray for the poor so that they can open their eyes and see what is really true.